Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The word “walk” as a noun, as in “I’m taking a walk” or “I’m going out for a walk,” usually connotes leisure or exercise — and nothing more.

Three months ago, when I started the 10,000 Steps program health and leisure were my principal reasons for walking.

Now, partly because the rising price of gasoline, I’ve added a new purpose to my walks — making them my primary form of transportation.

For instance, the other day I was all set to walk to the post office to mail five thank-you notes. But then I looked at the addresses on the envelopes and saw that of the five, three were right here in Hillsdale and a fourth was in Multnomah Village, a couple of miles away. Only the fifth absolutely needed to be posted.

So I decided to hand deliver (hand-and-foot deliver to be precise) the notes. In two of the four cases, I actually found the recipients at home and thanked them personally as well as in writing. They seemed impressed that I would bring the notes in person — and on foot at that. I told them I was happy to do so. Far from being an inconvenience, it was a pleasure.

P.S. Another nice thing about walking is that you don’t expose yourself to parking tickets. See yesterday’s post.

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