Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How I voted

How I voted

“How I voted” should answer two questions.

The most common one is: for whom did I vote? I’ll get to that later.

The less recognized but equally important is: How did I go about deciding?

The answer to that is too complex to explore in depth, but it did not involve close readings the scattered quail bones and toad entrails. In a couple of cases I did give these methods passing thought.

(I’m a registered Democrat, so with the partisan races, I can’t help you Republicans. I’m not sure anyone can — at least not this year.)

I decided on several races based on my experience with the candidates and on discussions with respected and knowledgeable friends. For two Portland City Council races, I went on line and watched the Willamette Week interviews. Seeing how the candidates respond to questions can be as important as simply listening.

This year I lean to candidates who have “fire in their bellies.” Four of my choices hinged on that fire-in-the-belly factor. Below on my choices, I’ll put asterisks next to their names.

I’m leaning away from candidates who seem to have emerged from the party machinery or the bowels of government. Example: David “melting t-shirt earmarks” Wu. After five terms in office, he doesn’t seem to have made a ripple in Congress. I’m voting for his relatively unknown opponent Will Hobbs, who, amazingly, has been endorsed by both The Oregonian and Willamette Week.

So here are my votes:

President: Barack Obama (My view of Hillary hasn’t changed since I wrote about about her candidacy more than a year ago HERE.)

U.S. Senator: Steve Novick*

Member of Congress, 1st District: Will Hobbs

Secretary of State: Vicki Walker*

Attorney General: John Kroger*

County Commissioner: Deborah Kafoury

Portland Mayor: Sam Adams

City Commission, Position 1: Charles Lewis*

City Commissioner, Position 2: Nick Fish

City Commissioner, Position 4: Randy Leonard

Metro Commissioner, 6th District: Robert Liberty

Ballot measures 51, 52 and 53: yes, yes and yes.

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