Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plant a Robo-Tree for Hillsdale undergrounding

The "City That Works" is circulating a survey about where the public wants cell towers placed.

On neighborhood streets? On main thoroughfares? On schools? Churches?

Under rocks (just kidding)?

Or none of the above.

I’d encourage you to take the survey even though some of it poses non-sequitur questions. For instance, if you don’t want cell towers anywhere (which is a choice), why would you offer an opinion about what shape or color the poles should be?

Never mind. Skip to the important comment section at the end.

That’s where I suggested that I wouldn’t mind a humongous cell tower in Hillsdale if the franchise fees paid on it went to pay for undergrounding utilities in the Hillsdale Town Center (see photo below to the left).

Call it "blight mitigation."

Besides, the cell tower designers have come up with some clever (or weird) ways to disguise their handiwork. See photo above. A bizarre note: there is also a palm tree model. Attention Salvador Molly's!

Look at the photo closely. This could be the very tree used as the model for the Oregon license plates. Can you find the antenna in the "branches" of this faux Doug fir?

Doug fir. Palm. Dogwood. Baobab. Whatever. I’d accept any model robo-tree/cell tower to get rid of our poles, wires and transformers in Hillsdale.

How about you?

Take the survey.

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