Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gore for president; Obama or Clinton for veep

Before the Democratic primary leg-gnawing hobbles any hope of Democrats taking the White House, how about changing the Obama/Clinton contest into a race for the vice-presidency?

As for the presidency, do what is historically and poetically just — nominate Al Gore, the one leader willing to speak "inconvenient truth" to the American people.

Besides, he has proven he can be elected president.

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Blogger Ellen said...

Hi Rick,
It's Ellen Currey-Wilson. I like your idea of having Gore be the president, but it's not going to happen, I'm afraid. So, I'm supporting Obama. I just wrote and co-produced an Obama commercial. Here is the link:
If you or your readers like it, please send it far and wide asap, and have people include their email addresses to show that they've seen it. It has a bunch of Wilson High kids in it and it's filmed in Portland.
Ellen Currey-Wilson

4:00 PM  

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