Sunday, April 29, 2007

Will voters take newspapers' advice and vote for Adkins?

Ruth Adkins, my choice for Portland School Board from our Zone #1, has won endorsements from every major paper: The Oregonian, The Portland Tribune, The Portland Mercury and Willamette Week.

That's a remarkable feat given that she is running against an incumbent, Doug Morgan, who is no slouch. Where Ruth beats Doug is in her passion to involve communities in decision-making and to keep neighborhood schools open.

With a bean-counter's outlook, Doug backed Portland Schools Superintendent Vicki Phillips in shutting them down during his tenure.

So now we will find out just what all those endorsements are worth. They can't hurt, but just how much will they help?

One other note about Ruth, who is a Hillsdale neighbor. She was an organizer of our Friday evening peace vigils at Sunset Boulevard and Capitol Highway. And while she could have been out knocking on doors for her campaign these past few weeks, she has reserved Friday evenings to be with us with her anti-war placard in hand.

Hers is to the point. It reads,"NO!"

She knows that money spent on war is money diverted from real social needs, like quality schools.

Her anti-war stance is another reason to vote "YES!" for Ruth.

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Anonymous Zarwen said...

Thank you for encouraging Portland School District voters to support Ruth for School Board!

I would like to ask you and your audience to consider also supporting the other challenger, Michele Schultz. Michele has a 20-year career as a social worker and has spent a great deal of that time helping troubled youth. She also has experience recruiting and hiring professionals, which is a crucial task facing the School Board at this time. And she is the mother of two children who attend Portland Public Schools.

Portland Area Rethinking Schools describes Michele as “a surprising breath of fresh air . . . well versed in the controversial issues. . . .” The Portland Mercury’s endorsement says, ". . . like Adkins, she also wants to improve communication between the various interest groups in Portland's Public Schools." Michele has also been endorsed by the Northwest Labor Council and many, many parents, teachers, and concerned citizens, including several members of the Neighborhood Schools Alliance Steering Committee. What Michele will bring to the Portland School Board is a “bottom-up” rather than a “top-down” approach to any needed changes, as well as a “hands-off” approach where changes are NOT needed! For more information, please visit

Southwest neighbors can meet Michele in person this Sunday at the Hillsdale Farmers market and Rieke Art Show.

12:49 PM  

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