Thursday, April 19, 2007

Persistence lines Capitol Highway with new trees

The city recently planted trees along a two-block long stretch of Capitol Highway's south side between Nebraska and Vermont.

But the plantings would not have happened without the vigilance and persistence of Hillsdale community leader Wes Risher.

Nearly two years ago Risher reminded city officials that the then nine-year-old Southwest Capitol Highway Plan called for street trees that never had been planted.

Then he noted that the planned Naito Parkway reconstruction downtown called for the removal of several trees. Such tree removal requires mitigation for the arbor loss. So Risher put the question: What better place to mitigate than along the tree-neglected Capitol Highway?

And that is why we now have young trees that will one day shade and grace the busy street as it it climbs the hill west of the Bertha viaduct.

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