Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TV-B-Gone zaps The Hillsdale Brew Pub

So my TV-B-Gone arrives in the mail today. I immediately test it on one of the shopping channels "offered" by my cable "service." I mash the button on the little pocket remote.

Bulls-eye! The screen blinks off.

So I attach my new B-Gone to my key chain and head out to the Hillsdale Brew Pub for a burger and IPA. I'm meeting my friend Erik there to talk media literacy business.

In the far upper corner, the mounted tube is glowing with some inconsequential basketball game. I look around the room to see whether anyone is watching it. No one is, so....

Bulls-eye! The screen goes black.

The pub conversations doesn't skip a beat. No one complains. No one notices. Erik orders another beer.

Ninety minutes later when we leave, the TV is still off. It probably still is.

Who knows, it may never come on again. We can hope....

Not get this: I have never—EVER—gone to the Hillsdale Brew Pub and found that corner mounted TV off.

Tonight, it is and no one even knows it...except Erik and me.

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