Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Golden Age of Prose

I'm certain a few thousand bloggers have noted this, but I'll throw my lot in with them now: We may be in the Golden Age of Prose.

Not because the writing today is any better—though it may be—but because so much writing is now accessible and hence encouraged by vast audiences, however small.

And so much of it is good. Why? Because this medium invites us to write and write and write. As we have been assured, the more we do it, the better we get.

You may have come to the Golden Age of Prose conclusion yourself. Very likely can offer nuggets yourself (Please DO!). As for me, I haven't roamed all that widely on the web, but my modest meanderings have turned up some real gems.

Here are a mere two...follow the links off Paperback Writer and Annie Rhiannon and you will find yourself tumbling down a rabbit hole to Wonderland.


Anonymous mary said...

I've come to your site through Annie Rhiannon, she is my daughter, I am very proud of her. I am about to read your stuff now. Cheers, Mary

8:51 AM  

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