Friday, April 20, 2012

Occupy the Vatican?

My initial reaction to the story that the Vatican is cracking down on 45,000 American nuns for "doctrinal deviance" was similar to how I’ve reacted to past actions (or inactions, in the case of child-molesting priests) by the out-of-touch, dictatorial Catholic hierarchy:

It is time for Catholics to take over their church.

In 1517, Martin Luther pushed for change that led to The Reformation. But the antiquated structure of the Church was never demolished.

A 21st Century “New Reformation” could take on that task.

Could the aging nuns of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious provide the leadership? Could they be the catalyst to, at long, long last, dissolve the Papacy, the College of Cardinals and the whole sexist underpinnings of Church governance?

As was the case nearly 500 years ago, the Vatican, through its hypocrisy, isolation and rigidity, has finally brought a Reformation on itself.

This time, Catholic parishioners, nuns and socially progressive clergy, rather than splitting off, should take over in a massive world-wide, non-violent protest.

“Occupy the Vatican” anyone?

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