Sunday, December 18, 2011

More still than "still"

Four options surfaced in the silence of today’s worship at our Quaker meetinghouse.

First a definition:

“What is,” as used here, is “the All,” “God,” “Spirit,” “The One.”

"What is" has many, many names, none of which does, nor can do, “what is” justice.

Consider: It even includes "what is NOT."

The options:

• We — you and I — are part of “what is,” part of “God,” “Spirit” etc. We are not separate. Our egos, while useful in our brief lives, are a small and insignificant part of “what is.”

• “What is” is within us ... and everything else. As Quakers say, “There is that of God within each of us.” Question: is ego essential to this option?

• Both 1. and 2 are true. Can we hold these two options as one or are they contradictory? Can a contradiction also be true? Is it simply part of "what is"?

• "What is" is beyond words. It resides in silence....beyond “wholes” and “parts” ... beyond “within” and “with-out” — beyond “us” and the words “what is.”

Be still, I said in the silence — even more still than “still.”

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Anonymous Walter Money said...

Dear Rick,
Also in this past First Day meeting:

This mote of dust once more rests in worship, silent and still. While all around all the world is whirling at a dervish pace, we sit and seek the Light of God. Cars and trucks, trains and planes streak by while in our midst a baby coos. The massive engagement of global commerce whirls all about us while a few folded dollars are placed in an offering. Stragglers tiptoe in as the peace deepens. The snow outside slowly drops drom limbs where it has accumulated as hearts in the Meeting silently tune together.
"Peace on Earth, good will toward men" is our seasonal song. In our Meeting, as we sit in silent worship, we slowly achieve that peace and walk out that good will. Help us, Lord God, to move in a larger way to show your grace and mercy toward all, with wisdom and compassion.

5:58 PM  

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