Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tipsy beer truck nearly toppled by TV cable

It looks as though this beer truck has had one too many, but it was snagged by a heat-stressed, sagging cable wire in Hillsdale at about 2:15 this afternoon.

The odd accident on the 1500 block of SW Sunset Boulevard diverted traffic and drew a crowd.

The truck’s driver, Shane Romo of Maletis Beverage Company, said that if a fellow trucker hadn’t yelled at him to stop, Romo's entire rig would have toppled over.

“It was nerve-racking,” said Romo. “I can’t believe it didn’t tip over.”

Romo had just pulled onto Sunset after a delivery to Casa Colima restaurant. He makes deliveries to the restaurant at least once a week — uneventfully.

But today’s heat caused the cable wires to droop and snag on the front left corner of his trailer.

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Blogger Robert said...


Great piece! I saw your photo/story credited in the Oregonian's story and I came over here to give you some well-deserved "props," as the kids say.

You had me hooked with the "Tipsy" headline! Wait...hooked? There's another good pun in there somewhere. I'm just too tired from this heat to find it!


Robert Britt

5:04 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

That's some great free advertisement for "Widmer" beer. I've never heard of it until now.

9:10 AM  

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