Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ruth Adkins' school board recommendations

Ruth Adkins is a Hillsdale school activist who was elected to the school board two years ago. Here is her letter to friends in which she makes her endorsements in the current board election. If these are the folks Ruth wants on the board, I'm for them.
Dear friends,

By now you have probably received your ballot in the mail. This is a very important election for our schools – and in a low-turnout May election, every vote counts!
I am voting for my Board colleagues Martín González (Zone 4) and Trudy Sargent (Zone 6), and Scott Bailey (Zone 5).

Martín was appointed by the Board last year to finish Dan Ryan's term, and now is running for a full 4-year term, with our unanimous support. Martín brings to the Board many years of experience as a community organizer and as a tireless, effective advocate for parents and children. He has done a very good job representing not just his zone but the needs and concerns of the entire district, in particular communities that haven't always had a voice at the table. He isn't afraid to tackle tough issues like teacher and principal quality, and equity in district decision making. Martín is an important and courageous voice on our Board and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future!

Scott Bailey is my choice for Zone 5. I've always been impressed by Scott's tenacity and smarts. His economics background as well as his long experience as a schools advocate will be a great asset on the Board. Scott has been deeply immersed in PPS issues for years and he knows how to constructively bring about needed change in the district. Scott is running in the most strongly contested race, so I am including additional info about him below.

Trudy is running unopposed. She is working extremely hard on behalf of Portland's kids and I look forward to continuing to work with her as we face the budget crisis and other challenges.
Thanks to everyone for your support for our public schools, now more than ever. Don't forget to turn in your ballot by May 19!


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