Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sign of Ignorance — The conclusion, sort of

Sometime last week The Oregon Department of Transportation sorted out its recent contribution to the sign clutter at the intersection of Capitol Highway and Barbur Boulevard in Hillsdale.

In my March 2nd post, I had encouraged neighbors to contact the ODOT "citizen representative" about the placement of a new bicycle warning sign, and several did.

But as you see in the photo I took yesterday, we have another problem. The TriMet bus stop sign obscures the "H" (for the OHSU hospital) directional sign. I wonder what it would take for TriMet to move its sign ever so slightly? Doing so might just save a life.

In any case, To the left is the "before" photo of the clutter....and below it is the way things are now. (Note that you can't see the "H" in either photo.)

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