Monday, November 17, 2008

Egged on by Orwell's eggs

If you’ve been tracking George Orwell’s 70-year-old journal entries, which are being cleverly presented as a blog, you will have found a succession of the same two-word daily offerings.

The two words are “One egg.”

It’s Orwell’s running tally of his hen’s production. Fascinating!

The fun part is reading the comments.

Today the two words elicited 27 responses.

I’ve been tempted to write “One Egg is Watching YOU,” but I’ll keep it in The Red Electric family.

Of course there is also “All eggs are equal, but some eggs are more equal than others. Take today’s for instance….”

Anyway, visit the site and read the comments. They’re a kick.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orwell's diary is fun. I've been reading the Diary of Samuel Pepys ( online as well. I think Pepys is the first blogger.

9:15 PM  

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