Friday, July 18, 2008

Humiliation, Humility and Healing

I confess that yesterday’s post about the proposed naming a San Francisco sewage plant after George W. Bush isn’t sitting well with me.

I don’t really WANT the Oceanside Water Pollution Control plant renamed after the president. What I really want is for him to be UNworthy of such humiliation.

Let’s face it, he is abundantly worthy of it now.

Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, New Orleans.

The economic mess, the massive deficit, the deceitful oil war, the wiretapping, the torture, the grotesque and growing inequality here.

The shame of our health care system, the denial of global warming, the effort to undermine Social Security, the travesty of our schools.

This is the sewage of the Bush administration, which should be planted, at every opportunity, before the president.

That’s why it is so important to ask the president at each and every press conference how he views the San Francisco ballot initiative. Does he, at long last, get it?

Certainly nothing else has gotten his attention. His blind and persistent arrogance is matched only by his towering ignorance and crushing isolation.

The sewage naming idea is humiliating for a purpose. It is a raw substitute for richly deserved impeachment. May it produce humility so we, and he, can begin to heal from the shame he has caused us.

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Anonymous tykescript said...

I, along with many of my fellow countrymen, am profoundly glad to hear your fierce attack on George Bush. San Francisco's move is simultaneously hilarious, clever and horrifying. You have marshalled the points you want to score againt Bush with Seifertain eloquence and a grasp of the facts beyond anything I could achieve, so I'm glad you have spoken for me.
Some questions: (i) to what extent do American people in the street understand that they have lost 8 crucial years?
(ii) how optimistic can the world be that America will not land us with another 8-year's of fiddling while Rome burns? Are either of the candidates up to the job? Are they genuinely intelligent? Can they think? We need a gigantic personality, a Churchill, a Roosevelt, someone who has principles and will fight for them.

12:03 PM  

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