Thursday, May 29, 2008

Texas Hold 'em and Crazy Scott

I know you are as shocked — SHOCKED! — as I am about Scott McClellan’s deranged delusions about the Bush White House.

Clearly the former press secretary has been brainwashed by left-wing bloggers, as the ever-insightful Karl Rove has suggested.

Or, as the New York Times reported, “(White House officials, past and present) seemed to take their cues from Dana Perino, the current press secretary. Ms. Perino used the words ‘sad’ and ‘puzzled’ to describe the White House response, as if Mr. McClellan had undergone some kind of emotional breakdown, while making the case that if Mr. McClellan had problems with Mr. Bush, he should have raised them while in the president’s employ.”

Well exactly.

We know that the White House for the last seven years has had its windows thrown wide open to a wide diversity of opinion. All Scott needed to do was speak up. We know that the president, to say nothing of his gracious and accommodating vice president, is absolutely infatuated and intrigued by new ideas. Paragons of compassion and openness.

Call the Bush years the "New Enlightenment," if you will.

Clearly Scott has gone off his rocker. In the old Soviet Union, the Kremlin readily saw the likes of Scott for what they were — nut cases.

If is unfortunate (also “sad” and “puzzling”) that the rest of this nation largely agrees with Scott. The presidency of George W. Bush and the vice presidency of Richard Cheney are now out of favor with 72 percent of the leftist, whacko American people.

We are a nation of nut cases. The prison industry will love it. Build more cells. The rest of us can join the millions already locked away.

This from the Washington Post: “With more than 2.3 million people behind bars, the United States leads the world in both the number and percentage of residents it incarcerates, leaving far-more-populous China a distant second, according to a study by the nonpartisan Pew Center on the States.”

When the rest of the nation (including crazy old Scott) is locked up, it seems only appropriate that the Bush administration should remain confined to its own separate, bubbly White House incarceration.

Let’s face it, the whole country has been in lock down for seven years. Talk about Texas Hold ‘em.

The November election will mark the greatest liberation in the nation’s history.

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