Friday, March 14, 2008


I took a day off from blogging yesterday and survived.

No serious withdrawals. No tossing and turning in the night. The cat didn’t notice any difference. The earth turned on its axis. A day passed. I spared you, dear reader, more thoughts about Eliot Spitzer and race and gender issues in the presidential campaign.

I did think of some unwritten words about a day the clocks stopped everywhere. No one went to work — or to war. We all slept in and were better for it.

A promising topic, for another time.

This blogging can all become a bit much. It too can be better for “sleeping in.” The blogger's mind, along with the world, can use a little rest and renewal.


So I’m using these breaks to define a new relationship with, or to be exact, a new rhythm for The Red Electric. Name and logo to the contrary, this site is not an interurban train tied to a timetable. If you show up here for a ride, you may find the Red Electric at rest on the siding. The engineer is off somewhere ruminating, plotting new destinations or just contemplating the silence.

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