Friday, February 29, 2008

Ace out of the Hole

Dennis and Matt at the Ace Typewriter work bench.

Among the silver linings of the dark recession clouds is the salvation of Ace Typewriter.

Before the real estate market went wobbly, Ace owners Matt and Dennis McCormack were faced with having to move nearly 50 years' worth of parts, equipment and typewriters out of their comfortably cluttered storefront shop on N. Lombard here in Portland. The photos give you some idea of he task they faced. Don’t even think about the basement.

The owner of the space was going level the place to make way for townhouses. Just a few months ago, money was to be made in the then torrid St. Johns-area real estate market.

Dennis started the business back in the Sixties, and son Matt has carried on the tradition. Matt, who is in his forties, has to be the youngest typewriter repair guy in the land. He is certainly one of the most savvy.

So let’s hoist one to Matt and Dennis for their continued longevity on Lombard and their service to all Typewriterdom.



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