Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christian candidates?

I hope that at some point the Republican presidential candidates will realize that millions of Christians as well as those of other faiths deeply resent the verbal pillorying of those good and moral people who have chosen to have no religious belief.

The candidates, who loudly proclaim their Christianity, need to be reminded that Christ was very clear that love should be unconditional.

Indeed, we might well question whether candidates who ostracize and marginalize the non-religious are Christians at all.

I don’t say that to criticize them as much as to state a fact for them to consider.

They obviously don’t believe they are being hypocritical, but many of us believe they are — and we vote.

Voters should demand that these candidates, given their avowed adherence to Christ’s teachings, speak and act on them.

If doing so costs them the Republican presidential nomination, so be it.

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