Friday, October 26, 2007

Sam, Sam, Sam!

If the headline on this entry sounds like scolding, it is.

On this day, when I took down two commercial signs illegally placed in the public right of way (one from the notorious Jobdango), I find it ironic that City Commissioner Sam Adam's Portland Department of Transportation is relying on intrusive signage in the public right of way to get its message out about public meetings.

What next? Signs scattered throughout our neighborhood for planning commission hearings, City Council meetings, PTA meetings? Where does it end?

At last count, this community was served by three (count'em THREE!) community newspapers plus an on-line newsletter (which I happen to edit and publish). You'd think that would be enough to inform an interested public about a Portland Department of Transportation meeting.

Interestingly enough, Adams and his transportation staff never even notified me, as Hillsdale News' editor, of the meeting he is publicizing so widely and flagrantly on utility poles throughout Hillsdale. (By the way, the last time they did this, the signs stayed up a full week after the meeting had taken place.)

All this from a man who wants to be, and likely will be, our next mayor.

It could be a long four years.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newspapers suck... nobody reads them anymore. When was the last time you looked to a newspaper for any kind of news??? Plus they are a drain on our natural resources.

The only ones that still read the paper for the most part are grandma and grampa... and even they are moving to the internet.

You posting your rant here instead of your old school paper proves the point even more!

12:26 PM  
Blogger Rick Seifert said...

Sounds like a teachable moment.

"Nobody reads (newspapers) anymore."

I read two each day. What happened to nobody? If nobody reads newspapers, how can they be a drain on our natural resources? Why are they even in business?

Is electricity as it is now produced a drain on our natural resources? Coal-fired plants anyone? Is your computer plugged in?

You tell us that only grandma and grandpa read newspapers. Again, what happened to nobody? If your grandparents are "nobody," logic suggests YOU don't exist. This is getting very personal.

Monthly community newspapers (I founded one and still write for it) have a total circulation of approximately 25,000 in this part of Portland. For comparison's sake, about 50 readers visit this site each day, thirty days a month. I put out an on-line newspaper ( which has 250 subscribers and comes out twice a month.

Do the numbers. It's not even close. Newspapers win hands down.

That said, I give newspapers, particularly community newspapers, another five years. But we aren't there yet.

Finally, you might want to think about what constitutes a rant. To me it is a thoughtless diatribe that defies reason.

Ever seen one of those?

1:36 PM  

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