Thursday, August 16, 2007

2008 Campaign's House of Mirrors

Karl Rove, who has masterminded the worst presidency in the nation’s history, is now telling anyone who will listen that Hillary Clinton (and here I quote today’s New York Times) “lacked the vision to be president” and is “… ‘weak’ on national security and support for the armed forces.”


Quick now, what as been the Rovian “vision” of the presidency? Dismantling and privatizing the federal government (think Katrina). Driving the country deep into debt (think tax cuts for the rich and billion for war). Spying illegally on the citizenry. Making us the most despised nation on the face of the planet.

So much for vision.

As for making the nation secure and supporting the armed forces, wasn’t it the same Rove who served as “brain” to a president who went to war where there was no threat? Who fielded an army so ill-prepared that the parents of soldiers had to pass hats to protect them with body armor? Who ignored dozens of pre-9/11 warnings of a major terrorist attack?

So what’s the deal with Rove roasting Hillary?

Two things about Rove: He is smart and dishonest. Some, including those in the Obama campaign, suspect that from the Republican perspective, Clinton would the most vulnerable Democratic presidential candidate (I happen to agree). By Rove’s trashing Clinton so blatantly (and ironically), he can perversely attract support to her — and set the Democrats up for defeat in November 2008.

Got that?

Welcome to the 2008 House of Mirrors.

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