Friday, April 06, 2007

TV-B-Gones have landed!

The 20 discounted TV-B-Gones from inventor Mitch Altman have arrived!

Now who wanted these "Red Electric Specials" at $12 a crack?

The little stealth TV remotes WERE normally $20 on-line, although I see that Mitch is having a TV-B-Gone fire sale on this old model.

Never mind. I've road tested this now "vintage" model and it works just fine. Consider it a classic edition or something....

I find that even if you rarely use the TV-B-Gone to zap the local gym's (or airport's or neighbors') TV monitors, it is a great conversation piece.

Example: After showing off my "Goner," I'm often asked what constitutes the responsible turning off of someone else's TV?

That's a worthy question, but try this counter query: What constitutes the responsible turning ON of the TV, any TV?

We rarely ask.

We should.

So the TV-B-Gone puts the question—a question worth thousands of hours of a life. Cheap at the price.

Final plug (I promise): What a great gift for TV Turnoff Week, which is April 23-29!

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