Sunday, February 11, 2007

Let's make Coke pay for its pay-off

As the Portland School District hand-wrestles with the giant Coca-Cola Company behind closed doors, a few of us have been considering calling a boycott against dozens of Coca-Cola products.

Coke is trying to force its junk beverages back on our schools after agreeing to withdraw them. If the district doesn’t accept, Coke is threatening to sue to the tune of $600,000, the equivalent of the salaries of more than a dozen teachers.

When it comes to boycotting, Coke presents a big, exposed target. Visit the Coca-Cola brand list site to see just how exposed. The list includes Dannon Yoghurt, Odwalla and Minute Maid orange juice. Ever buy those?

There’s no doubt the school district botched its dealings with Coke, so the district needs to swallow its pride, pay off Coke and kick junk beverages out of our schools.

But then we, nearly 600,000 Portland consumers, need to step up and make Coca-Cola Company pay the price by targeted restraint in the supermarket. What we save by not buying Coca-Cola products—at least $600,000—we should donate immediately to an as-yet-to-be-established PPS "Junk-the-Junk-Food Fund."

To measure support for this idea, please comment below. Please indicate a willingness to contribute to the “Junk the Junk Food Fund.” You can pay up when the fund has been established.

Finally, alert others to this site and the chance to comment and pledge.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct - the school district lacked foresight in signing the contract...and what’s the use of defusing a bomb that has already exploded?

As I lean back and stare at the situation, $600,000 could be a bargain if the intention is to rid the school system of machines vending junk food. Surely, if the state launches a similar health campaign, the cost of promoting the idea could be more.

In terms of strategy, boycotting the products could be a slow and grueling process that requires personal sacrifices of each participant, not to mention the task of identifying and memorizing the list. Furthermore, I doubt if such civil action can even dent the profits of a well-established corporation. In the long course of time, it is more likely that the idea would die a natural death before it gains enough attention.

I would rather perceive the situation in another way, donating a dollar to improve food services and provide proper nourishment for schoolchildren. I have three dollars in my coin purse now and would not mind adding another seven if this would be the cause.

Eventually, the media will pick up the tragedy.

It is in this sense that I am confident that the corporation’s PR executives would be sensible enough to digest the fact that suing a school district is bad for their own health.

6:56 AM  
Blogger alphawoman said...

This is not the only school district caught in this dilemma. Coke has invested millions and millions in school systems across the nation, as well as its nemesis Pepsi. If they pull the sponsorship (as they call it) where are the schools going to find this extra cash? Oh yea, the taxpayers! I am tired of the school systems powers and others pointing the finger at Coke and Pepsi for making their children fat and junk food addicts. When does the responsibility of parents come into play? Coke sells to the lunch lines flaovred waters, low cal sports drinks, and flavored milks, and reduced calories fruit drinks. Vending machines have timers and locks. For God's sake, I am so sick of the fast food, junk food and soft drink industries taking the hit for bad parenting.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you would like to see other reasons for not buying Coke products, including the fact that the company turns a blind eye to the killing of union leaders in Colombia, be sure to visit:

If you look up "," you will be redirected to the company's propaganda, trying to falsify any accusations that are raised towards them.


11:48 PM  

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