Friday, January 26, 2007

Bush, Baby Einstein and Dangerous Bunk

In his State of the Union Address, President Bush singled out Julie Aigner-Clark, developer of the wildly successful and dangerous "Baby Einstein" DVDs, for entrepreneurial praise.
Promotion of the DVDs play on parents' fears (and guilt) that without a video boost from "Baby Einstein" and their related "Brainy Baby" DVDs, parents may be depriving their infants.
Far from it.
(Aigner-Clark has since cashed out by selling her "Baby" creations to Disney.)
The American Academy of Pediatrics specifically warns that children under the age of two should be exposed to NO screen time, including "Baby Einstein" and its kindred tapes. Of course the "Baby" DVD's target audience is exactly that vulnerable age group.
Bush's address rewarded unhealthy, fear-driven marketing, something he is a master of.
As pointed on by Susan Linn in a Common Dream's essay, "Baby Einstein's" Aigner-Clark, and "Oil Wars" Bush have much in common.
None of it is good.
But do they ever know how to dupe the public—at the expense of the young, whether they are under two years of age, or old enough to enlist.

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