Thursday, January 25, 2007

A vigil of protest, peace and remembrance

We convene again this Friday, Jan. 26, at the corner of Sunset and Capitol to show our opposition to the war in Iraq.

Here are the names of the 49 Oregonians who have died in the conflict so far:

Nettles, Marcques J. Petty Officer 3rd Class 02-Apr-2006;
Newman, Randy Lee Lance Corporal 20-Aug-2006;
Moothart, Travis A. Sergeant 27-Jan-2004;
Blickenstaff, Joseph M. Specialist 08-Dec-2003;
McKinley, Eric S. Specialist 13-Jun-2004;
Fennerty, Sean P. Sergeant 20-Jan-2007;
Zyla, Michael S. Staff Sergeant 13-Dec-2005;
Loveless, Jeremy M. Corporal 29-May-2006;
Thornton, Steven W. Major 18-Apr-2005;
Whitman, Chase R. Specialist 08-May-2004;
Rogers, Philip G. Specialist 04-Apr-2004;
Plumondore, Adam J. Sergeant 16-Feb-2005;
Mitts, David A. Sergeant 04-Dec-2004;
Simpson, Jacob M. Sergeant 16-May-2005;
Lee, Marc A. Petty Officer 2nd Class 02-Aug-2006;
Kesterson, Erik C. Chief Warrant Officer 15-Nov-2003;
Hill, Ryan J. Private 1st Class 20-Jan-2007;
Van Leuven, Gary F. Lance Corporal 17-Apr-2004;
Kelly, Bryan P. Lance Corporal 16-Jul-2004;
Warren, Mark C. Sergeant 1st Class 31-Jan-2005;
Davis, Kevin Dewayne Staff Sergeant 08-Apr-2005;
Tucker, Thomas Lowell Private 1st Class 16-Jun-2006;
Jones, Robert L. Specialist 17-Jun-2006;
Bradachnall, Travis J. Corporal 02-Jul-2003;
Wessel, Kevin S. K. Private 1st Class 19-Apr-2005;
Roberts, Bob W. Lance Corporal 17-May-2004;
Stever, Robert Anthony Staff Sergeant 08-Apr-2003;
McCrae, Erik S. 1st Lieutenant 04-Jun-2004;
Linden, Justin W. Specialist 04-Jun-2004;
Ramirez, William C. Private 1st Class 11-Feb-2004;
Wesley, Christopher Jude Rivera Specialist 08-Dec-2003;
Johnson, David W. Specialist 25-Sep-2004;
Kent, Aaron A. Seaman 23-Apr-2005;
Tobler, Brandon Scott Specialist 22-Mar-2003;
Weisenburg, David J. Staff Sergeant 13-Sep-2004;
Henkes II, Richard J. Sergeant 1st Class 03-Sep-2006;
Haag, Chase A. Corporal 01-Oct-2006;
Moore, James Lee Corporal 26-Jan-2005
Bright, Dean Private 1st Class 04-Oct-2006;
Eyerly, Justin L. Sergeant 04-Jun-2004;
Jones, Derek W. Lance Corporal 08-Oct-2006;
Isenberg, Benjamin W. Specialist 13-Sep-2004;
Contreras, Aaron Joseph Captain 30-Mar-2003;
Walker, Ryan D. Specialist 05-Jan-2006;
Troyer, Tyler J. Lance Corporal 19-Nov-2005;
Gibson, Brennan C. Sergeant 10-Dec-2006;
Huston Jr., James B. Lance Corporal 02-Jul-2004;
Leisten, Ken W. Private 1st Class 28-Jul-2004;
Rockholt Jr., Ricky W.

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