Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Recognizing our labors of love

Nearly every Sunday in the early morning I spend an hour in silent “worship” with fellow Quakers. Often the reflection offers insight worth sharing.

That happened on a recent Sunday as I thought about a fellow Friend whose work is clearly infused with love. The silence led me to consider all work that could be called “labors of love.”

It struck me that without our ever acknowledging it, much, even most, of our work is “love’s labor.” We simply fail to make the connection.

Consider even the smallest task. Three times a week I labor mightily in the weight room at our community center. The exercise is good for me, certainly, but more than that I am striving to stay fit so I can lengthen my time of modest service on this planet.

So 45 sit-ups and three miles on the treadmill are “labors of love.”

Linking work and love makes the effort much easier, even enjoyable.

How many of our labors are in fact unacknowledged “labors of love”?

If we count and consider them, I’m certain we will discover far more than we had imagined.


Anonymous Gary said...

Linking labor and love is a fabulous concept. One might even say that its component is essential to living a fulfilling life.

When love is our reason for doing things, it precludes a need for recognition or appreciation. The task itself is sufficient.

2:04 PM  

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